Wednesday, 1 August 2012

7 Weeks and things are backed up......

I've writing this post standing up because sitting down is a little sore. I've developed chronic constipation and a sore bottom is the result!  I know go on laugh, I know I would be if I was reading this about someone else, so you have permission! 

Constipation and any subsequent problems like haemorrhoids or piles resulting from it are rarely talked about because it's embarrassing. Especially in this country, but as changes in bowel function are a sign of possible cancer, why are we so scared to visit a GP and get things checked out? I'm glad I did, because it turns out I didn't have piles like I thought! 

Following all the operations I've had periods of constipation, due to lack of food and use of painkillers, its normal and a known problem. However for me, every time I found it brought on a case of piles. I'd self medicate with creams from the chemist and all was well especially as things got back to normal. But for the last 3-4 weeks I've been experiencing diarrhea followed by constipation and when things got moving again it was hard, large and very sore. Which gave me pain from what I thought were piles from the pushing and straining.

Things came to a head 2 nights ago when I was in so much pain I cried and cried. Swallowed down a load of painkillers to see me through the night and bit the bullet to visit my GP. A conversation, quick examination which wasn't as embarrassing as I thought it would be, has given me a proper diagnosis. The lump I thought was a haemorrhoid is in fact a skin tag. This is painless and needs no treatment. The pain is from a fissure just inside my anus, which every time I have a hard motion is opening up, bleeding a causing pain. (don't know whether its better/easier to have piles or a fissure to be honest)

My treatment has therefore changed. I've GNT ointment to help the healing process which could be several months, plus a laxative to keep the motions soft, given me the chance to heal.

Phew! I'm still sore, but knowing what the real problem is and talking to someone has really helped.

There, I've got it off my chest! Hopefully with the laxative things will get better very soon! I'm not sure if its a drug side effect, but as my diet hasn't changed, is rich in fibre and fluids, its got to me something I'm taking. Will keep an eye and let you know!  

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