Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Day 8

I've recorded my first blood pressure reading today, 127/82

I'm so not au fait with what each of the figures mean, just know I have to get in touch with the unit if either figure reaches 150/90. Looks like I'm within tolerance at the moment though, so all good.

Feet are still sore, but manageable. Am going shopping tomorrow for some shoes which should help keep the pain down. Voltarol gel, is brilliant!

Think my face has started to respond, my chin is sore and itchy, which isn't usual for me. Plus I've notice I'm scratching my scalp more. I don't think I've got nits (!!??) so maybe another effect.

Psychologically I am questioning my decision to start the trial. I'm still feeling very vulnerable and am trying to put everything behind me. However every time I take a dose, it brings it all back. I'm sure given a bit more time, I will feel better. The scars on the outside have healed but will take a bit longer for the ones you can't.


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