Monday, 11 June 2012

Oh, I am an idiot!

I can't believe what a plonker I've been!

I had an appointment today with the consultant who took my gallbladder out two weeks ago. My gallbladder or Geoff as he's been affectionately labelled, is the reason my kidney tumour, or Ted, was found. I was having a lot of pain and the ultrasound to confirm gallbladder issues, found Ted.

To start on this trial, I needed to either have Geoff out ASAP or wait for at least six weeks after starting and go for it then. Sorafenib can make healing a little difficult, so this makes sense. Geoff was causing me a lot of pain, so had to come out and my private health insurance came into play quite nicely!

At the appointment today he asked about the trial and kept talking about chemotherapy. I kept repeating (and correcting) saying drugs trial.

When I got home, it finally dawned on me that Sofafenib is actually a chemotherapy drug! What an idiot!

Makes me almost wish I'm in the placebo or control group!



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