Sunday, 10 June 2012

To be eligible to participate on Sorce Trial I need to be cancer free.

Last Wednesday I had blood tests and Friday was a full body CT scan with contrast. Not sure of the technical term, but I had to drink the 'lovely' contrast and had some also pumped in intravenously. For those of you who've had this type of scan it's painless but the stuff you drink is unpleasant. A cross between cheap orange squash and milk, yuk! 

A weird thing with the intravenous contrast is it makes you feel as though you've wet yourself as it courses through your bloodstream and hits the bladder. !!!! Luckily I'd had one before, when investigating Ted the Tumour, so was fully prepared! Imagine the embarrassment if you weren't! 

I've read the literature relating to the trial but quickly scanned the side effects. The mind is a wonderful thing and will get you through the most stressful and harrowing experiences. It can also however create things too! So I'm going into it sort of blind.

The only two effects I've been warned about is high blood pressure and sore hands and feet. Nothing I can do about the blood pressure but I've been moisturising and using my newly acquired Ped Egg with wild abandon! Feet are looking lovely! Should I paint the toenails?? Well I would but by gallbladder surgery is preventing full toe painting experience. Maybe next week

Blood tests have come back okay (should have asked what they were testing for, will when I go back) and I get the CT scan results on Tuesday.

Fingers crossed!

But if something is found, at least it's been detected and can be treated.

However short life to the blog!

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