Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Food Diary Week One W/C 12th June

I've read all the literature including the self help remedies. It's suggested if bloating or diarrhoea is a side effect to keep a food diary which will help identify triggers foods.

Where else should I record it, but here, all in one handy place!

12th June B - spring onion omelette L - egg mayonnaise sandwich on wholemeal bread D - chicken & vegetable stir-fry with hoi sin sauce and egg noodles

13th June B - grapefruit L - grilled bacon sandwich, wholemeal bread D - cottage pie, peas & broccoli and 2 muller fat free yogurt

14th June B - fruit salad L - savoury rice and salad D - fish fingers, waffles and beans

15th June B - scrambled egg on toast L - chicken pie, mash & peas D - pizza

16th June B - grapefruit L - nothing D - Chilli-con-carne and rice

17th June B - fruit and fibre cereal L - apple D - Roast beef, trimmings, fruit salad

18th June B - Scrambled eggs and wholemeal pitta bread L - apple D - Chilli, pasta and salad, muller fat free yogurt


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